You’ve got to be taught to hate and the hard left are excellent teachers

“You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late, before you are six or seven or eight, to hate all the people your relatives hate, you’ve got to be carefully taught!”

Those words, penned by Oscar Hammerstein II in the musical South Pacific, regularly spring to mind these days. Politics is uglier than is has been for some years. It’s always been a brutal business, and so it should be. When decisions affecting millions of people are being taken, there should be robust debate. But since Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party, the Marxist left has once again found its voice.

A few years ago a Socialist I follow on Twitter posted that her daughter had seen a photograph of David Cameron. Her daughter was around 4 or 5 years old at the time. “We don’t like him, do we Mummy”, the little girl said. “No, we don’t”, her mother replied. She was so proud of her daughter. It prompted me to reply by quoting those words from Hammerstein. She didn’t like it and others accused me of being nasty and cruel. But no-one could honestly disagree with me that she was teaching her daughter to hate – or certainly to dislike those with different political views.

Here is an example from last week.

So only Socialists understand children’s minds. It’s only them that truly care for them. What’s next? Tories are incapable of loving their children? After all, they pack them off to boarding school at the first available opportunity, and even before they reach boarding school age, they don’t bother spending any time with them. They have nannies to do that.

The most obvious flaw in his reasoning  is that as more than 42 per cent of the electorate voted Conservative at the last general election, there simply aren’t enough boarding school places for the children of more than 21 per cent of them. But what he’s really trying to say is those parents to do send their children to boarding school don’t do it out of love for them because they want them to have the best education money can buy. They do it because they don’t understand or love them.

The hard left thugs love to dehumanise anyone with whom they disagree. They did that with Margaret Thatcher. Some actively celebrated her death. I remember walking to the entrance of the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester in 2015. An elderly lady – probably in her 80s – had to endure “c**t, c**t, c**t” shouted at her. She wasn’t the only one. All of us suffered the same abuse. Even when I tried to tell them that I was a journalist – I had a media pass – the abuse kept coming. For the baying mob, anyone entering the conference was beneath contempt. Even Owen Jones, although when they realised who he was, they did stop the abuse.

It makes you wonder how they would react if their grandmother had to suffer similar abuse as she was going about her lawful business. Presumably, they wouldn’t be happy. But what if their grandmother wasn’t a Socialist? Would they regard her as fair game? You would hope not, but you never know. They are blinded by their ideology. It’s like belonging to a cult – and a nasty one at that.

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