Can you help David Nuttall in Bury North?

David Nutall was first elected as the Conservative MP for Bury North in 2010. He was re-elected in 2015 with a wafer thin majority of just 378. He is standing again this Thursday.

David is a gent in the truest sense of the word. He passionately campaigned for Brexit and is Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary ‘Better Off Out’ Group of MPs and Peers.

With just under three days of campaigning left, can you lend a hand in his re-election campaign? I know David and his team will be happy to hear from you.

Contact Bury Conservatives on 0161 764 4548. Email: The office is located at 1 Manchester Road, Bury, BL9 0DR.

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Now is the time for Conservatives to hold their nerve

A general election campaign wouldn’t be the same if the Conservative Party didn’t have a wobble. The Thursday a week before election day in 1987 was known as “Wobbly Thursday”. A rogue poll in the Daily Telegraph showed the Conservative lead down to just four points. Panic ensued. A week later, Margaret Thatcher secured a third term in office with a majority of 102.

There is a trend in the polls at the moment which appears to show Labour closing the gap. This is hardly surprising. I don’t think anyone seriously thought that the Conservatives were twenty points ahead. But although I don’t think that the Conservatives will get 400+ seats (something I thought highly likely a month ago), I do think it is still possible that they will gain an extra 50 seats. Something around that figure would give Theresa May a landslide 100+ seat majority.

I’ve come to this conclusion for two main reasons. Continue reading “Now is the time for Conservatives to hold their nerve”

Corbyn is popular with many voters because they don’t have to pay (directly)

“Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavours to live at the expense of everybody else.” Those words by Frédéric Bastiat, a French economist, were uttered almost two hundred years’ ago. I am sure that he didn’t ponder too much, if at all, about what life would be like in 2017, yet his words should be resonating throughout this general election campaign.

In many ways, Labour has been clever with its taxation plans. If Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister, he plans to increase taxes on those earning above £80,000 a year. That’s less than 5 per cent of UK incomes. In other words, it doesn’t affect more than 95 per cent of the electorate. It’s very easy to be in favour of tax increases when you don’t have to pay. Continue reading “Corbyn is popular with many voters because they don’t have to pay (directly)”

Brief thoughts ahead of tonight’s ‘The Battle for Number 10’

Jeremy Corbyn is a natural campaigner. He’s been doing that all his life. Theresa May is not someone who seeks the limelight, and quite often goes underground whenever there are difficult questions that need answering. In that respect, she has much in common with Gordon Brown.

I think Jeremy Corbyn will do much better answering questions from the studio audience, but will not come out on top after his interview with Jeremy Paxman. I think the opposite will be true regarding Theresa May. Continue reading “Brief thoughts ahead of tonight’s ‘The Battle for Number 10’”

Every time Diane Abbott opens her mouth she garners votes for the Conservatives

Despite an awful manifesto and a campaign that makes you think that the Conservative Party is doing its best to lose this general election, one of the main reasons why it won’t appeared on the Andrew Marr Show on BBC One this morning.

You could fill a book listing all the reasons why Diane Abbott is completely unsuitable to hold one of the Great Offices of State. Anyone who thinks she would make a good Home Secretary should go into a darkened room and have a long conversation with themselves. Continue reading “Every time Diane Abbott opens her mouth she garners votes for the Conservatives”