It’s time to end this farce. Conservative MPs need to start writing more “Dear Sir Graham” letters

Philip Hammond, under any normal circumstances, would have been fired for going off-piste in Davos. But he knew he wasn’t going to be fired which explains why he said in his speech that there would only be “very modest” changes to relations between the EU and the UK after Brexit.

Boris Johnson’s public intervention on the NHS earlier this week should have got him into hot water, but it didn’t. We understand that some of his cabinet colleagues rebuked him as they were sitting around the cabinet table, but that was it. He was only saying what the rest of us were thinking – additional NHS funding plays well in marginal constituencies. It’s good politics and a few more billions of pounds should have a positive effect on outcomes, even in our dysfunctional healthcare system, desperately in need of reform, but which is never going to be reformed whilst May is in Number 10. It isn’t rocket science, but I am sure that there are many ministers sitting around the cabinet table who think it is.

Two of the most senior Government ministers have openly criticised Government policy because they can, although in all fairness to Boris, publicly calling for more NHS spending is different to attempting to change Government policy in a speech to the World Economic Forum.

Perhaps Hammond has had enough of May. If he has, I can’t blame him. This Government is the most spineless, rudderless Government anyone can remember – and there are a quite a few on the list competing for that title. It sleepwalks from one crisis to another because it lacks that important smack of firm leadership.

Theresa May is not a leader. She lacks vision, ideology – whatever you want to call it. She doesn’t have the je ne sais quoi to be Prime Minister. You may not always know what a leader looks like, but you tend to know when someone lacks the necessary skills required to lead. May rolls over when she should make a stand. She is Sir Humphrey’s dream.

Whilst all of this is going on, across the chamber of the House of Commons sits Jeremy Corbyn who leads a party that has embraced a form of Venezuelan Marxism. He wants a return to unbridled trade union power; a return to the closed shop and flying pickets. He wants to nationalise everything in sight. What can’t be nationalised, will be taxed. Five years of a Corbyn Government will cause untold damage to the UK’s economy with John McDonnell responsible for the nation’s purse strings living next door at Number 11. We face the prospect of Diane Abbott being in charge of law and order. This should send a shiver down the collective spines of all Conservative MPs, but instead they bury their heads in the sand hoping the problem – Theresa May – will somehow resolve itself. It won’t.

I don’t really care who replaces May. I’ve had enough. Just about anyone on the Conservative benches would make a better PM than the present incumbent. I don’t go along with the line that it would be a huge distraction from Brexit negotiations. They’re not going too well at the moment. May isn’t offering strategic direction, and David Davis may smile when questioned, but he isn’t exactly covering himself in glory either.

May rolls over and doesn’t stand up for herself, and, more importantly, the country. She is too willing to give into the EU’s demands and then comes unstuck. She doesn’t believe in Brexit and I don’t think her heart is in it. No, Brexit maybe a convenient excuse not to replace May, but it isn’t a good reason. Indeed, it is one of the strongest reasons for her go now, rather than letting this drag on for months.

Just as their predecessors did in 1940, Conservative MPs have to decide that the Prime Minister is not up to the job. They know that already. They now need to be brave. Those who haven’t already done so need to write their “Dear Sir Graham” letters to the chairman of the 1922 Committee. They know that just about anything would be better than the status quo. They need to stiffen the sinews and summon up the blood. They need to trigger a leadership election and see what happens because they know this farce has to end. And they know in their hearts and in their heads that nothing less will do. Sitting across from them is the Government in waiting. If that doesn’t frighten them, then nothing will.

As Churchill would have said, Action This Day.





One thought on “It’s time to end this farce. Conservative MPs need to start writing more “Dear Sir Graham” letters

  1. I completely agree. In all my 48 years, I have never witnessed a weaker, leader who stands for almost nothing. Her biggest announcements have been promoting Cultural Marxism, The Frankfurt school of thinking as expressed in the work of Saul Alinsky. The politically correct, equality of outcome fantasism, which only creates ever more divisions in society as it splits society into competing groups of victimhood labels, and pits them against the natural, successful order of how humans have evolved to be the most successful species on the planet. Other than that she has overseen the introduction of policies that the Soviet Union would have been proud of. Censorship, State monitoring, A ministry of truth to tackle what THEY decide is “Fake News”, More state intervention in business.

    T May being adviced by self confessed Marxists is a very worrying and alarming measure.

    We know the labour party has been overtly taken over by hard core communists, of both the Marxist and Trotskyist varieties. It is becoming more apparent that the conservative party is now run by a secret takeover of the party by closet Marxists too. And why? To appeal to those Northern constituencies who have traditionally voted labour at every election, in a Pavlovian act of unthinking? Nobody with an IQ above single figures believes that the tories can actually appeal to such constituencies more than real, passionate, far-left socialists do and yet May has tried to compete in those constituencies on the far left’s own turf. That is plainly insane.

    It is with a great deal of sadness and dissapointment that I believe that now the time is right for a real, proud and unapologetic conservative to launch a leadership challenge.

    We desperately need a PM who openly and proudly supports free markets and competition to lead this country into taking advantage of the massive opportunities ahead that Brexit delivers us. We need someone to proudly support traditional conservative values and beliefs to enthusiastically sell that vision to the public again. There is a whole new generation of voters, educated under Blair’s “Education education education” philosophy. Which in reality was left wing indoctronation from primary school-through to college. An entire generation who never experienced the excitement of opportunity that the Thatcher led years presented to me as a young man. They have never ever been exposed to positive, proud and confident delivery of a real conservative message. For the past 20 years we have had either a photocopy of Blairism or overtly apologetic excuses for conservatism, which has allowed the left to dominate and set the “social norms” and decide for everyone what is, or is not, acceptable thought.

    We need someone who will fight back against the insideous, hate filled, intolerant lefty PC agenda with truth, facts, logic and reason. Jordan B Peterson ably demonstrated this in his utter demolition of Cathy Newman on Channel 4 news. The facts, as always, are on our side. It is high time we had someone courageous, proud and able to wield them again.

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